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Rim X-Ray
  • How

    Tests for inner defects in manufacturing that would otherwise be impossible to catch.

    The rim is fixed to a special gauge and rotated while an X-ray machine takes images of the complete interior of the carbon walls. The images are reviewed to look for miniscule cracks or imperfections. To maximize consistency, 10% of the rims are tested through this process.

    Tiny imperfections can occur during the production process. Although they are invisible to the human eye, they could negatively affect the ride quality, safety or durability of our rims. Whilst this test is costly, we want to assure that every one of our wheels is as close to flawless as possible.

    2018 - 10 - 25
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    2018 - 10 - 25
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    2018 - 10 - 25
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