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7 tips to let you ride even more quickly! Both road and mountain carbon bike are applicable.
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    7 tips to let you ride even more quickly! Both road and mountain carbon bike are applicable.


    1. Keep your mount clean and clean


    There is no doubt that the more beautiful the bicycle, the more expensive the cleaner the bicycle, the faster the bicycle, whether mountain bike or road bike, follow this principle.

    A clean bicycle is a fast one. Moreover, clean bicycles and handsome cycling clothes will be more pleasant and comfortable in psychology.

    The easiest way to keep your bicycle clean is to get into the routine. After each ride, just wipe it quickly and clean it more thoroughly after the weekend ride. Never let your bicycle get too dirty, because it gets dirtier and dirtier, and the more trouble you have to get clean.


    2,The habit of regularly lubricating chains


    A good chain will make the transmission system more efficient, which means that your efforts will not be wasted through inefficient machinery, and will also reduce the amount of dirt the chain absorbs in the wet links.

    However, ensuring chain lubrication does not mean applying as much lubricant as possible.


    3. Ensure that the height of the seat bag is appropriate


    It sounds really simple. Quite a few riders don't know which height is right for them.

    Some people adjust their seatbags very low, and their body pressure is concentrated on their buttocks. Some mountain bikes, like road bikes, adjust their seatbags very high, and ride with their buttocks twisting around - legs are not long enough!

    A wrong seat bag height will not only cause injury and discomfort, but also slow down your speed, reduce the trampling efficiency, and can not give full play to your riding level.


    4. Use of Lock Foot and Lock Shoes


    Some data suggest that the average speed of the Tour de France cycling race increased in the late 1980s and early 1990s, thanks to improved pedal efficiency - pedal locking (although other illegal performance enhancements may also have an impact).

    Generally speaking, it can save 25% effort to wear lock shoes with lock pedals. This means that it's easier for you to pedal on a bicycle with lock shoes than it used to be hard to ride on a hillside. Especially when it comes to long-term cycling, it feels much easier to wear lock shoes and tread on them. This is because: wearing lock shoes to tread on the car, while one foot is treading down, the other foot can also provide pull on the dental disc, which makes treading more labor-saving.


    5. Inspection of tire pressure



    Too soft tyres can mean an increase in rolling resistance, which means you have to work harder to maintain the average speed and at a lower risk of flattening.

    However, it is not necessarily the higher the pressure, the faster it will be.

    Lower tire pressure of about 90 psi for road vehicles may not be so fast on smooth roads, but it means increasing grip, turning faster, improving comfort and reducing long-term leg fatigue.


    6. Ensure correct gear adjustment


    Don't blindly use the big plate, which is not durable, the knee joint injury is also very big.

    In order to optimize the gear utility, the gear selection of the front gear disc and the rear flywheel must keep the chain in a straight line (parallel to the body). Chain can only keep elasticity in a certain range, if not used properly, it will wear quickly, especially in wet and mud environment, the chain wear is exponential growth.


    7. Ensure correct adjustment of braking system


    The brake pads of highway vehicles should not be rubbed against wheels. The brake pads of mountain bikes should not have abnormal friction noise. One is to affect attention, the other is to consume a certain amount of physical energy.

    7 tips to let you ride even more quickly! Both road and mountain carbon bike are applicable.

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