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How to choose a carbon bicycle that suits you?
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    How to choose a carbon bicycle that suits you?



    Cycling is a kind of outdoor activity beneficial to the body and mind. More and more people are in love with bicycle travel even race. When traveling or racing by bicycle, it is most important to have a light, sensitive and reliable bicycle. A bicycle that can adapt to various road conditions can make the riding more relaxed, comfortable and safe. Many novices are faced with the problem of how to choose a bicycle that suits them before they start cycling. Looking at the following will help you.



    1. There are two basic principles for bike purchase.


    One is the personal financial situation, the other is their hobbies.


    A good bicycle will show its good characteristics in the long race. If it is a short trip, and the road is relatively flat, as long as there is a 700C,29er or 27.5er type of ordinary bicycle can easily complete the entire journey. The terrain of long-distance travel is very complex. From the road surface, there are differences between oil road, cement road and sandstone road. From the terrain, there are plains, hills and mountains. Therefore, in order to adapt to these complex terrain, we should choose a high-grade mountain bike or off-road vehicle according to our own economic conditions. The higher the grade, the more outstanding the excellent characteristics.



    2. The difference of bicycle grade


    The grade of bicycle can be reflected from every part of the bike.


    The following three main parts are introduced:


    One Frame


    Strong and durable is the basic requirement of the frame. At present, the main materials used in bicycle frame on the market are steel, aluminum alloy and titanium metal carbon fibers. The advantage of steel is that its strength, toughness and shock absorption effect are very good, carbon fibers have the advantages of toughness, lightweight, excellent strength and shock absorption, but the disadvantage is expensive.


    Two axis


    Here we refer to the assembly shaft, which includes the shaft rod, steel ball, bowl and shaft gear and other parts. There are differences between ordinary shaft, sealing shaft and bearing shaft, of course, sealing bearing shaft is the best. It is durable, sensitive and portable, low maintenance rate and long maintenance cycle.


    Three Shock absorption


    The shock absorber is divided into two groups: front and rear, which can reduce the impact of different road surface on front and rear wheels and improve riding comfort. But inevitably, some riding efficiency will be lost, especially after shock absorption, which is particularly obvious. Considering that long-distance travel is mainly on the road, only front shock absorption is enough. There are different types of resistance glue, air pressure and hydraulic pressure. The best is the hydraulic shock absorber.


    3. Size of bicycle


    There are two sizes, one is the frame size, and the other is the size to be adjusted according to the body size of the individual.


    One Frame size


    The frame of mountain bike is 16, 18 and 21 inches in size. When buying a car, you can choose different sizes of frame according to your height.


    Two Adjust size


    The saddle of ordinary car is wider, the saddle of competitive car is narrower, long-distance travel because of long riding time, frequent friction on crotch, sweating easily, narrow saddle can reduce friction area, facilitate ventilation, is one of the measures to prevent crotch injury. It is mainly the position of the saddle. The position of the saddle is controlled by three data: front and rear, height and angle. It is of great significance to adjust the saddle well. It can exert the greatest strength of human legs in the course of riding, reduce fatigue and avoid ligament damage, so it must be adjusted carefully.


    Height: This is the most important control data. The international common calculation method is height x 0.62. For us, there are two simple and applicable methods: one is sitting still, sitting on the saddle, two toes just touching the ground; the other is pedaling with two heels while riding. Without swaying buttocks, two feet are big when they reach the bottom stop. The calves just straighten out. The saddle height for long-distance cycling should be slightly lower on this basis.




    Front and rear dimensions: According to the height and arm length of the individual to adjust, should be adjusted in the center of the axis after the vertical line 2 - 5 centimeters.


    Angle: The height of the saddle should be adjusted to the level when it does not exceed the height of the saddle. When the height of the saddle exceeds the height of the handle, it should have a certain inclination. Generally, it is best to make the center of the saddle and the front and rear edges of the saddle into a straight line. Under this principle, appropriate adjustments can be made according to personal feelings.


    3, tires


    Tyre roughness and subdivision are 1.50, 1.75, 1.95 and 2.10. This value refers to the diameter of the cross-section of the tire, in inches, with 1.75 or 1.95 being the most appropriate.


    The most important thing in choosing a bicycle to ride is to fit yourself. When buying a bicycle, you might as well try to ride several more bicycles to compare them. Combined with the above points, I am sure you can buy a satisfactory bicycle.

    How to choose a carbon bicycle that suits you?

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