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Should you use your nose or mouth to breath when ride the carbon wheel?
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    Should you use your nose or mouth to breath when ride the carbon wheel?


    When riding the carbon bike wheel, there is a problem that bothers many riders: sometimes even if not tired, they can't breathe and their feet can't exert themselves. Why in the end? In fact, this is often due to the wrong way you breathe. What's the right way to breathe? Should I breathe with my mouth or nose?


    Breathing, seemingly simple, actually contains a lot of knowledge. Different exercises have different ways of breathing. Consciously cultivating good breathing methods can make the exercise more effective with half the effort.



    Simply put, breathing is closely related to the energy conversion efficiency of the body. Only adequate oxygen supply can guarantee the most thorough material oxidation, and then release energy. Muscle kinetic energy comes from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stored in muscle, which can only provide about 8 seconds of consumption. Once used, blood sugar automatically converts to ensure that the muscle continues to provide energy.


    One of the keys to this transformation is whether the oxygen content of the body is sufficient or not. If the oxygen content is insufficient, blood sugar will be consumed uselessly in the process of transforming into ATP. Therefore, scientific breathing methods are particularly important for aerobic exercise, especially when riding to the top.


    Breathing brings in not only clean air, but also polluted air, dust, bacteria, which can stimulate the lower respiratory tract and cause lung damage. Runny nose is a typical symptom of upper respiratory tract infection.



    Especially when riding against the wind, cold air enters the respiratory tract and reaches the lungs in winter, and cough, runny nose and other symptoms are unavoidable. At this time, you should consider inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, with the help of nasal hair, nasal cavity to filter and warm the air, reduce the stimulation of upper and lower respiratory tract.



    Many cyclists start riding fast, and after a period of time, they are prone to abdominal pain, which is caused by inappropriate breathing and mixed external air stimulation of the pleura and intestines and stomach. It is unavoidable to breathe with one's mouth when riding, but it is not advocated to breathe cold air directly with one's mouth, but to adjust flexibly according to the road conditions.






    In general, the above mentioned situation is usually due to insufficient oxygen supply in the breath, resulting in muscle oxygen consumption can not be replenished in time. As for whether to breathe with mouth or nose, it needs specific analysis. The following will be divided into three aspects:



    I. Before riding: sniffing and breathing



    Before departure, first of all, we should adjust our breathing by sniffing and breathing, so that our body can adapt to the rhythm of movement in advance.



    Method Analysis: First close your mouth and inhale deeply and slowly with your nose until you can't inhale any more. Then open your mouth and exhale slowly. After exhaling, close your mouth and then inhale deeply with your nose... Repeat the above operation nine times in a row. After that, breathe naturally through your nose several times before you start.




    2. Horizontal carbon bike riding: abdominal breathing


    When you start riding, your body's oxygen consumption will increase. Abdominal breathing can inhale more air, thereby increasing your oxygen uptake.


    Method Analysis: Close your mouth and roll your tongue against your jaw to avoid excessive air staying in your mouth. Then breathe deeply through your nose, and you will feel your abdomen contracting inward. When you exhale, you should exhale as much as possible, and your abdomen should be protruding outward. It doesn't matter if you don't get used to it at first. If you practice consciously, you will get used to it slowly.


    3. When climbing a hill: Suck up quickly and vomit quickly



    It takes more energy to climb a hill than to ride on a flat road, so more oxygen is needed to power the muscles. At this time, although abdominal breathing has a large amount of oxygen, but this relatively slow breathing rhythm is unable to meet the demand, at this time it is necessary to change the way of breathing.


     Should you use your nose or mouth to breath when ride the carbon wheel?


    Method Analysis: At the beginning of the uphill, you can use the way of sniffing and breathing before departure; pay attention to slowly inhaling and breathing. When you find that your breathing is getting faster and faster, you need to speed up the rhythm of your breathing --- close your mouth, inhale quickly through your nose, and exhale quickly through your mouth. If you breathe more and more quickly, stop the trolley and adjust your breathing.



    Note that in this process, whether riding or getting off the carbon bike wheel, do not breathe in with your mouth, otherwise it will affect your health. On the one hand, although inhaling oxygen with the mouth is relatively large, it is easy to suck in dirt such as insects, and inhaling cold air often causes coughing, even diarrhea, which greatly affects the riding experience. On the other hand, the nose itself has the ability to filter air, at the same time, air through the nasal cavity, will become warm and humid. By contrast, inhaling through the nose is more beneficial to the body.

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