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The carbon bicycle needs cleaning and maintenance! Do you know these processes?
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    The carbon bicycle needs cleaning and maintenance! Do you know these processes?

     The carbon bicycle needs cleaning and maintenance! Do you know these processes?


    When we decide to do a carbon bicycle maintenance, the first thing to do is to clean the carbon bicycle. This step is an indispensable step for subsequent maintenance with half the effort.



    1. carbon frame



    Cleaning the carbon frame can be dipped in water with a cloth on the parts, so that the mud sticking to the bottom of the frame will become soft when it encounters water. At this time, as long as you wipe with a cloth again, you can easily remove the mud. I personally disapprove of using high-pressure water gun to wash the sludge on the bicycle, because such cleaning, water easily into the axle or flower drum, affecting the life of parts.


    At this time, we need to pay attention to some parts of the frame which are easy to accumulate mud, such as the position of the five-way on the middle axle. After washing the mud off the frame with clean water, pour a little detergent on the cloth, rub it with your hands, and then scrub it on the frame. When you encounter dirt on the frame, just gently scrub it back and forth several times, the frame will be clean. Powerful detergents such as detergent powder are not recommended because many bicycles are made of aluminium. Alkali components in detergent powder react with aluminium chemically. Over time, some bizarre stains will appear on the aluminium part of bicycles. Therefore, flexible detergent, detergent, is definitely a better choice.


    2. Carbon wheel set, headstock and seat pipe


    In the carbon wheel wash group, you can choose to dip the sand on the tire with the shoe brush. When washing the car ring, it's better to replace it with a cloth with detergent, carefully wipe the place where the brake skin brakes on the car ring. A simple scrubbing of the spokes will do. When washing the flower drum, do not use high-pressure water gun to remove detergent. Simply sprinkle the water and wipe it with a clean cloth. When washing seating pipes and seating bags, care should be taken not to let mud flow into the seating pipes along the seam of the seating pipe clamp. In sitting under the bag, the mud often comes up the most places, we should carefully wipe out the mud with a rag.


    For tires, a slightly harder brush can be used to remove sand and dust from the tires for simple maintenance.




    3. Assignment, Front and Back


    After washing the above carbon bike parts, the next step is to wash the finger, which is more complex, there is more butter in the parts to play a lubricating role. It's better to wipe it gently with a cloth when cleaning the finger, so it's clean. Before and after washing, the water pipe can be directly directed at the gap between the front and back dialing to flush with water, so as to flush out the mud and sand stuck in the front and back dialing. After flushing out, you can also wash the greasy dirt on the front and back with detergent.



    4. Fork, pedal and brake



    Cleaning forks and pedals is very simple. The pedals can be washed off with mud. The front fork should not be washed with water. When cleaning the inner tube of the fork, the water on the cloth should be twisted dry before wiping the inner tube of the front fork. Some impurities will be left on the inner tube of the fork after a period of time, and can be gently wiped off with a cotton swab. It is best to develop the habit of keeping the fork clean, which is also the most basic maintenance of the fork. When washing the brake (V brake is the standard), the sediment left in the brake can be washed directly with the water pipe to prepare for the next maintenance.


    For carbon bike wheel discs, front and rear transmission, guide carbon bicycle wheels, etc., brushes can be used to remove dust and small dirt.


    5. Tooth discs, flywheels and chains



    Perhaps these three parts are the dirtiest parts in the whole cleaning process. Dust is the easiest to adhere to because of the lubricant left on the fittings. We can also pour detergent on the cloth first, after dipping in water, we can wash the dental disc. When washing the dental disc, we try to wash every tooth with the cloth. When washing with water, you will be surprised to find that the dental disc has been shining as new after washing with the detergent cloth.


    The next thing to wash is the flywheel. To wash the flywheel, remove the rear wheel and clean it. First, relax the rear brake, so that the brake does not hold the wheel. First, quickly remove the screw on both sides of the rear wheel, and then gently pat the rear wheel, the wheel will come out. Put the wheel on the ground, wipe it carefully on the flywheel with a rag, and put it back on the car. Pay attention to the position of the back pull. Pull the wheel in slowly after pulling it back. The process is simple, and can be understood after two disassemblies.




    The last thing to clean is the chain. After a long ride, it is easy to stick a lot of sediment on the chain. There are many ways to wash chains. The author introduces two ways here. The first is to wash chains with kerosene and drag chains back and forth by wrapping the cloth with kerosene. The disadvantage is that it will leave a bad smell on your body, which will be stained with grease and grease stains. The second method is to use detergent. It should be noted that when washing the chain, it is better to use hot water of about 45 degrees, which is more easily to play its cleaning role. In addition to the need to wipe the chain back and forth with a dishcloth with detergent, it is better to brush each chain slowly with a thicker brush, and soon the black chain will show its original color.


    After looking at the cleaning process to see the maintenance. Generally speaking, as long as it is a dynamic place, it should be maintained and inspected regularly. But the emphasis is on the transmission system, braking system and three axles (i.e. front and rear axles).


    1. Maintenance of transmission system


    The main thing is lubrication. The most effective way is to add lubricants. We should remind you that the chain should always keep its oil moist and sensitive, especially after wading and raining, to refuel in time. The moving parts of the front and rear transmission should also pass through

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