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Posture is power! Teach you to keep more than 25 yards easily during carbon bike cycling
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    Posture is power! Teach you to keep more than 25 yards easily during carbon bike cycling



    How to ride at a speed of 25 KM (or more) per hour without brute force and with ease and skill? I don't know if you are interested in looking down. Maybe N people will jump out and say, 25 KM per hour. That's too simple.


    I can ride at this speed on a princess's bike. 25KM speed is not difficult, but what if it takes a long time to maintain it easily? What if it stays for two hours, if it stays at 100KM? It's probably not that easy.

     Posture is power! Teach you to keep more than 25 yards easily during carbon bike cycling

    The first part


    Standard and correct riding posture

    Standard and correct riding posture is the premise of correct trampling. Without correct riding posture, there will be no skill.


    To maintain the speed of 25KM for a long time, the natural body can not be uncomfortable. What PP pain, neck pain, arm and wrist pain, leg does not stretch and so on will certainly affect the quality of riding, speed is naturally difficult to maintain.


    You may wonder why the old bird doesn't feel uncomfortable and is suffering everywhere. In fact, our PP is also fleshy, the equipment is only a part, more importantly, we have good riding posture.


    Many riders unconsciously support their hands on handlebars, bend their elbows, and have rigid wrists everywhere. It can be said that the brain completely relaxes and unconsciously grasps the handlebar. The forearm is too hard, the elbow is straight and straight, and the wrist has no movement space.



    If you ride for tens of kilometers like this, it's strange that your arms, shoulders and wrists don't hurt. How to achieve the correct riding arm position? Actually, it's very simple. Pay attention to shoulder posture at any time, put your hands on the handlebars gently! Shoulders have a slight front-roof feeling, allowing elbow joint to maintain a moderate extension space, and then tighten the armpit to help stabilize the body.


    Everyone's arm flexibility joint flexibility is different, can imitate the riding posture of the master, but can not be completely copied. I feel more, adjust more, pay more attention to find the problem, it is easy to find the most suitable arm position.




    Next came the posture of the waist and back.


    When it comes to waist and back, let me start with cushions. You may feel as though two things are irrelevant, but they are closely related. The height and angle of the cushion are incorrect, so it can't guarantee the correct posture of the waist and back.


    See a lot of cyclists say that their PP ride after the super pain, are derived from what oppression of the perineum, prostate and so on. The comfort of striding can be guaranteed by mastering the correct riding posture and choosing a suitable cushion.


    First check the height of the cushion. When riding, the legs should be 80% stretched.


    The knees are not fully straight. PP doesn't feel like sliding left and right on the cushion while riding. The easiest way to test the height of the seat cushion is to sit on the car and step on the heel. At the lowest point, the legs are fully straight, so the knees are basically bent properly when trampling on the forefoot.


    The second part: trampling


    Posture corrected, followed by promotion skills, trampling. The first thing to mention is the ratio of teeth. The wrong gearshift will make trampling training impossible.


    If we use light tooth ratio, what will happen?


    1. Muscle burden is relatively small, and fatigue is not easy to accumulate.


    2. It's easier to step on when you start, and it's faster.


    3. Can give full play to your physical ability 100%.


    If the ratio of heavy teeth is used, the results are as follows.


    1. Muscles are heavily burdened and will soon burn out.


    2. Start slowly, increase speed takes more time 3


    3. Unskilled, trampling.  






    How to use the correct tooth ratio?


    According to their physical fitness and road width, try to maintain a 90 rpm step frequency, such a tooth ratio is good.


    Here's the stamping technique. Keeping cruising at 25 speed requires not stamping power, but stamping skills.



    Here I borrow a few words from a coach :


    "Not concentrating all the load on the trampling of a small group of muscles." "Can sustain the concentration of this technique for a long time."


    1. First of all, trample diagonally ahead.


    When trampling, you should trample forward and downward, instead of trampling the pedal downward vertically.


    2. Pay attention not to relax completely when you close your feet afterwards.


    If self-locking is used, the foot is not lifted up to death, but feels mud on the sole of the foot and wants to rub it off with the foot pedal.


    If you use a horizontal pedal, close the foot with the other side of the pedal, as far as possible between the two legs of the movement of roundness.


    1. It's not difficult to raise your head and look straight ahead. The back has a good bending range. To achieve a slight distance, you can maintain the stability of trampling.


    2. The medial thigh muscles exert a little force and feel a little cushioned. In this way, buttocks can help the arm control the vehicle and reduce hand pressure. Make your bike straighter and the front of the bike twist.


    3. drink more water. Use bicycle sports kettle, replenish water at any time, it is not easy to fatigue




    4. Lower body pressure and wind resistance when riding in the top wind. Raise your speed with the help of the wind in the downwind.


    5. Relax and concentrate. You can see the scenery around you and talk to your cyclists. Don't ride with your head stuffy.


    6. Wearing cycling pants can reduce wind resistance, improve comfort with pads, and refresh you with fast-drying clothes.


    7. It is not necessary to wear all kinds of light clothes in battle.


    8. Ride more with people who are better than themselves, so that progress will be faster.

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