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Distinguish clearly! clincher, tubular, tubeless ready carbon bike wheel
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    Many riders are not very clear about the concepts of clincher, tubular, and tubeless ready carbon wheelsets. Now let's briefly talk about their characteristics and how to distinguish them.

    Distinguish clearly! clincher, tubular, tubeless ready carbon bike wheel

    I. Clincher carbon Wheel Set

    The figure above shows the cross section of the clincher ring, which is characterized by the groove embedded in the outer tyre. The clincher wheel group is most used. The inner tyre and the outer tyre are in contact with each other since childhood. The contact rate is high and the removal is convenient.

    II. Tubeless ready carbon Wheel Set

    The figure above shows the section of the tubeless ready carbon bike wheel set. It is characterized by a recessed groove on the outer ring of the bike ring and a small bump on both sides of the groove. The function of the groove is to accommodate the outer tire, to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the outer tire and to fight the tubeless ready tire. The two bumps prevent the separation of the tire and the outer tire when the low tire pressure bends.

    The original intention of the tubeless ready tire design is that because of the demand of mountain bike cross-country, the tubeless ready tire can lower the tire pressure, so that the deformation of the outer tire will be greater, the travelability will be better, cross-country riding will be more comfortable; paving the road, the tubeless ready tire will bring a more comfortable road feel!

    At the same time, the tubeless ready tire does not bring a lightweight attribute bonus, because the tubeless ready tire for air tightness considerations, will be thicker than the ordinary outer tire wall, some quasi-tubeless ready tires are very lightweight, but also need to be filled with fetal fluid. However, if the weight of spare tires and repair tools is taken into account, the overall weight of riders and bikes can be lighter.

    tubeless ready tires are not widely contacted by motorists. We are still impressed that tubeless ready tires are difficult to inflate and tie. We don't know how to repair and how to operate the tire fluid. Simply explain these typical questions:

    1. The simplest way to pump air is to guess. If not, you can go to Shimano's official website to download the instructions of a group of wheels above XT, which details the method of tubeless ready tire blowing.

    2. tubeless ready tire repair is generally pre-filled with fetal fluid before tire-filling. If the fetal ligation occurs, find the hole, turn the hole to 12 o'clock direction, blow air. Because of gravity, the fetal fluid will automatically repair the hole. Generally, the fetal fluid can repair 3 square millimeters of holes.

    3. Tubular tyre carbon wheelset

    Looking at the section above, there is no groove embedded in the outer tyre, which brings two points:

    1. The tire pressure of the outer tire will not directly act on the tube tire, so there is no effect of tire pressure. The spoke tension is the spoke tension woven by the wheel, which will not decrease. The spoke tension of the open tire or the tubeless ready tire will decrease a little because of the effect of tire pressure.

    2. Without the groove embedded in the outer tyre, the tube bead can be much lighter. Generally, the clincher carbon ring with similar relative cross-section of a single ring can be lighter by about 100g each.

    Through the above two points, we can see that the tube tyre group is very suitable for competition, tension is not affected by tyre pressure, very light, which is light and strong ah! The greatest demand for most competitive sports equipment

    There are also tube beads because there is no tyre pressure effect, in the use of carbon fiber rim, will not have to brake as the clincher carbon bike rim, the brake operation requirements are so harsh, reduce the probability of frame burning, increase the operation of fault tolerance.

    Compared with clincher and tubeless ready carbon bike wheels, bike users have less contact with tube tyres, and the common understanding is that:

    1. Tubular tyres are expensive and difficult to repair. If they are tied up, they will be discarded. If they are tied outside, they will be returned by taxi.

    2. Tubuar tyres are difficult to install and glue is everywhere.

    In fact, this may be more new things and less contact factors in the blame, tube tube can also be pre-filled with fetal fluid, tied to find the hole to 6:00 air is, generally the degree of internal and external tube tied can be filled, fetal fluid can be filled, internal and external tube tied up can not be filled, the degree of waste, tube tube tube tube will also be finished.

    Installation, you can go to search for tube tire installation, there are very detailed video tutorials, seriously study, very simple, recommend car users to use double-sided glue installation, simple and convenient, generally high demand for competition, only use glue installation.

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