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Learn the XC method of mountain bike to play happily!
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    Many people will choose XC type car as their first choice when they first start, because the tires are wider and the body has shock absorbers, which have better impact resistance and can meet the basic needs of road conditions.

    Learn the XC method of mountain bike to play happily!

    What is an XC bicycle? XC is actually called Cross Country. The positioning of mountain bike level belongs to the light-duty off-road vehicle. The design positioning is suitable for mixed roads such as highway and light-duty off-road conditions. Hard frame (without rear shock absorber) is the main part of the frame, with front fork or hard fork. As for carbon bike wheels, the popular sizes are 26, 27.5 and 29 (inch) wheel diameters, of which 27.5 and 29 are the most widely used in the UCI. Higher trafficability and grip are favored by professional drivers. The frame material is made of lightweight material such as carbon fibre. The front shock absorber often matched has about 100 millimeters of shock absorber travel. The function of the shock absorber will basically have resilient damping adjustment and lock-in adjustment

    XC model basically belongs to the 'universal' type, the rhythm of road and off-road traffic killing, basically all roads it can be used. However, due to its small shock-absorbing travel, it can not meet the absorption of large shocks and can only adapt to the light off-road level (the difference between the height of a single obstacle is not big). Also because of the versatility and practicability of XC models, and many large XC cross-country competitions have been held at home and abroad, which has stimulated the upsurge of XC mountain bikes. However, there are still quite a number of car users who are not familiar with the positioning and use environment of this model, and there is a relatively deviated playing method.

    First of all, the common phenomenon is the pursuit of lightweight. There is no mistake in this direction of development. For the competition XC model, climbing is the basic thing that can compete in the race. In theory, the lighter your body is, the faster you can ride uphill or accelerate flat (the price is quite hefty), and the cost of building a car is quite astonishing. On the website, lightweight and inexpensive parts can often be purchased for upgrading. The price of using standard weight parts according to competition level may take thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan to achieve. On a treasure, only hundreds of yuan can be spent to obtain the same or lighter parts. Is it a big professional brand pitting our money or a domestic product in welfare? There is an old saying: Every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny, every penny We can't just pursue lightweight, but also consider the strength of use. If you bend or even break parts in the process of using, it will be tragic. Maybe it's car crash, brain scratch and teeth searching. Then I choose to buy some good quality parts and put them on the car, hoping to play safely first. Ah.

    There are also some other 'Leopard Gall' riders (fearless and frightening), but there are also some very skilled riders riding a standard XC to play with some AM or DH players on the same road and the same speed (this is self-mutilation ah). Playing on the wrong road with the wrong car is a torture for both the car and the driver. XC vehicle positioning is lightweight off-road. When the drop of a single obstacle is large, the vehicle can not adapt, the shock absorber travel is insufficient and the strength is relatively weak (compared with heavy vehicles), it is very easy to make mistakes and fall (if the use strength exceeds the design strength of the body, the car may break down). The main target of XC is mountainous uphill riding. Lightweight and high-strength body can help riders to climb steep slopes. When downhill, due to the limited shock absorption ability of the body, it can be made up by technology, so downhill testing the rider's control technology. Professional drivers in large XC races often decide where to win or lose on the uphill road.

    Familiar with the positioning of the carbon bike, the proper use of thecarbon bicycle according to the situation is the right way to play, do not blindly pursue lightweight refitting (cheap and poor quality), with quality and strength as the priority, I wish you a happy and safe play!

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