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Mountain bikes and road bikes have their own risks. Do you want to know what they are?
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    Carbon mountain bicycle and carbon road bicycle have their own risks, but the risk forms are different. The risk of mountain bikes mainly comes from the changeable terrain; the risk of road bikes mainly comes from speed.

    Mountain bikes have different technical thresholds according to terrain requirements. And in outdoor conditions, you may suffer bruises and congestion as if you were a regular family meal. The situation of concussion, fracture and fracture of the brain is often heard of.

    Compared with mountain self-movement, there seems to be only one kind of terrain that road vehicles face - highway, giving the impression that they ride along the highway which can not see the end point, even if they encounter downhill or uphill situations, generally speaking, it seems to be a safer sport. Usually the danger comes from speeding too fast, resulting in out of control of the vehicle.

    As we all know, when you get a carbon bike, you should first adjust it according to the different riders, whether it is professional adjustment or you adjust it according to your own experience. This step is indispensable.

    The muscle groups involved are also completely different in different postures during cycling. Highway bicycle sports mainly involve leg muscles, especially quadriceps femoris and gastrocnemius. Such simple leg movements can easily cause excessive strain of these leg muscles

    Because of the aerodynamic factors that need to be considered in road races, the rider is required to take a radical position with his upper body bent down. But not everyone can do this, which makes many people take a lower seat height. In this setting, your shoulders are subconsciously stretched, while your thoracic spine and ribs contract, causing your entire chest to be compressed. And at this point, your diaphragm will also unconsciously rise, all of which will affect your respiratory efficiency.

    When riding a carbon road bicycle, your upper body muscles play a major role in stabilizing, so that your treading can maintain a stable output. When taking a lower aerodynamic posture, the problem is that the rider's cervical spine will be compressed when it is necessary to observe the situation of the front track. It will undoubtedly cause cervical spine problems if the driver maintains this posture for a long time.

    Because of the strong bending of the trunk in highway sports, there are very high requirements for your lower back muscles, that is, the spine side muscles, and the lower back will bear a lot of pressure when riding. Because you need to concentrate on the kilometers of the yardstick, your upper body almost needs to be locked on the body to ensure your trampling efficiency, which requires very strong core abdominal muscles.

    When you ride a carbon mountain bike, you don't have to bend your upper body like a carbon road bike. In addition, your arm will be a very important part of mountain sports, and your whole upper body needs to be involved.

    In addition, because of different riding postures, your cervical spine will not be as tense as riding a road bike. However, in mountain sports, the body will bear a lot of impact and vibration when there is a big drop. These shocks are transmitted to the spine with the arm. Although mountain bikes do not form chronic disc herniations like road bikes, prolonged exposure to instantaneous shocks may result in disc tear.

    Mountain biking also causes pressure on the lower back, but not as much as road biking. As a mountain bicyclist, the upper and lower hemispheres have almost the same degree of participation. Therefore, its whole body muscles need to be fully developed and highly coordinated.

    Whether you are a road cyclist or an avid mountain biker, the above mentioned risks of sports injury must be understood. Like any other sport, cycling has its risks. This must be recognized first, and targeted training should be carried out to avoid it.

    It can be seen that, compared with road bicycles, when riding mountain bikes, riders need to constantly change their body position to distribute the center of gravity, almost all the body involved. As far as the stress on the skeletal and muscular system is concerned, the posture of mountain biking is better than that of monotonous road bicycling, and the body is relatively more stretched.

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