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Warm-up is indispensable for good carbon bike cycling
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    Be sure to warm up and stretch every inch of your body before the carbon bike cycling. Of course, riding warm-up is not only fixed in front of the stretch, but also important for relaxed static stretching during and after the carbon bicycle riding. The best warm-up time is to start one hour before the ride, remind your body in time, prepare to start, and then there will be a long ride training.

    During warm-up exercise, if the upper body maintains the same posture for several hours, and the lower body keeps moving forward, it will feel sore and more likely to cramp. Therefore, before and during the ride, it is better to stop and move the whole body, relieve psychological tension and pressure, and relax the muscles and muscles.

    Static stretching suitable for carbon bicycle activities emphasizes relaxed and comfortable movements, and uses warm-up to reduce sports injury. Usually, bicycle warm-up starts from top to bottom.

    Stretching: The purpose of pre-exercise muscle stretching is to wake up sleeping muscles and prepare them for exercise. It only needs to simply pull apart the muscles used in riding. Each action can be replaced with a slight sense of tension and lasted for 8 to 12 seconds. You can also use the car as a support, simple can achieve the role of stretching.

    Warm-up is indispensable for good carbon bike cycling

    Shoulder pressing: When doing this action, avoid the back and waist arch, otherwise it will not be able to reach the function of stretching. Shoulder pressing extends the muscles of the neck, back, lower back and back of the thigh at the same time.

    Warm-up is indispensable for good carbon bike cycling

    Bow and Arrow Step: Pay special attention to this action when wearing lock shoes, because the shoes are slippery and easy to fall. Open your feet about 1 meter in front and back. Keep your knees in the same straight line. Don't pull them out or inside. This action extends to the quadriceps femoris of the thigh and part of the calf muscles. Remember to change the sides after you finish one of them.

    Warm-up is indispensable for good carbon bike cycling

    Neck stretching: Because of the difference between the cushion and the handle, if the neck muscles do not stretch, the muscles will soon become tense. When stretching the muscles on the right side of the neck, press the head down to the left with the left hand, while stretching the muscles on the right side is the opposite. When stretching the muscles on the back, press the head forward and down with both hands.In doing these movements, the strength is not too great, as long as there is a slight pain, each action can be maintained for 10 to 12 seconds; in addition, we should pay attention to the part of the spine, while doing it, we should straighten up, otherwise it will not be able to stretch effectively!

    Squat stretching: Squat stretching doesn't look like stretching at all, but it works very well. It can also reach the gluteal muscles, calf muscles and lower back. Do this action also remember not to bow, bow will cause back arch, the effect is not good. There are also derivative stretching exercises, which can enhance the stretching of the medial leg muscles, which are used when you are trampling at high speeds.

    Straddle Pressure Leg: Straddle Pressure Leg is a relatively strong stretch for the back thigh muscle group, mainly after a long ride or weight training the day before, the back of the leg is relatively stiff, it will need more stretching.

    Warm-up is indispensable for good carbon bike cycling

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