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When riding the carbon bike against the wind, how to save energy?
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    When riding a carbon bicycle, we often encounter the situation of adverse wind, which greatly hinders the ride. So how can we save energy when riding a carbon bicycle against the wind? What skills do you have to ride a carbon bicycle against the wind or uphill?

    When riding a carbon bicycle on a slope or against the wind:

    What about uphill and upwind? Our experience is, first according to the original strength of cycling, tired and rested several times, each time not too long, 5-10 minutes can be.

    When driving on national highways, the gradient is relatively small, and it is usually not a problem to climb. When the steep slope is difficult to climb, the zigzag line can be used to reduce the slope. Sometimes the steep slope can not ride, even the car will back down?

    At the same time, the center of gravity of the body moves forward, the sole of the foot moves forward from the pedal, and touches the pedal with the part close to the heel, so that it is easy to exert force, and then with the thigh and calf, directly through the foot root. Push your carbon bicycle hard

    With the help of weight and thigh strength, the force can be transmitted directly to the bicycle pedal through the lower legs and foot roots (the tips and soles will disperse the strength, but also make the soles fatigued), thus enhancing the strength of the carbon bicycle, the bicycle will slowly climb up the hill, will not retreat.

    Of course, in this case, cycling is the most exhausting, everyone has to do their best. We should pay attention to safety when walking up the 'Zhi' shape. The steepest slope is often at the change point. We should pay attention to the vehicles. When the steep slope can not go up, you should get off and rest for a while before going up. The elderly and the weak should get off and carry out. Climbing a hill is very tiring. It requires physical strength and perseverance, but it can make bicycle travel more interesting and memorable. Once climbing the top of the hill, it can have a unique enjoyment.

    Cycling is the most headache when you travel against the wind. Although it is difficult to go up the hill, it is easy to go downhill for a while, and sometimes it is difficult to ride downhill. At this time, you can lower the handlebars, bend your arms, or lean under the handlebars, and lower your head, reduce your body's gravity center, so as to reduce the resistance of the wind.

    We should always pay attention to safety, especially when crosswind occurs. We should pay attention to vehicles coming and going, because at this time, whether in front or behind, especially large trucks, will cause bicycles to move around, which is prone to accidents.

    Moreover, at this time, because of the great physical exhaustion, people are very tired, hands and feet are not usually flexible and prone to accidents, I hope that cycling friends must pay attention to safety. Generally, the six-level upwind can also ride, and the eight-level upwind should consider rest.

    When cycling downhill and downwind:

    Downhill and downwind are the most comfortable enjoyments of bicycle travel. At this time, the fatigue on the uphill has already been thrown out of the sky. Sometimes you can go several kilometers without pedaling. However, special attention should be paid to safety when encountering steep slopes, curves, uneven ground, or the possibility of sudden escape of vehicles and pedestrians.

    At this time, the brakes should be held tightly from the top of the slope, so as not to be caught by surprise, at least the brakes should be on the lower side. When encountering steep slopes, be careful even when you look at the wide and flat road surface. I have encountered two situations. One is that there may be small stones on the road, and I can't see them. When I see that it's too late to avoid them, the speed of the carbon bike is very fast and the sharp turn is more dangerous.

    Second, when the carbon bike arrived at the foot of the hill, a sudden crosswind blew from the hill, and the carbon bicycle fluttered around at high speed, which was difficult to control. I hope that the riders will be alert to this situation. The brake shoes should be checked frequently. If the brake is not good, the brake shoes should be adjusted or replaced in time. Don't wait until you wrestle to know how to be afraid. I hope that new riders don't 'eat for a while before they know how to grow wisdom'.

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