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Terminology of carbon road bicycle racing
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    Terminology of carbon road bicycle racing

     Terminology of carbon road bicycle racing


    Here are some common terms used in carbon road bicycle racing, hoping to help you better watch the race.



    Good drivers in climbing, sprinting and timing events. Generally speaking, they rank higher than other drivers who specialize in one subject in the overall performance of the race.


    Pursue Catch

    The driver catches up with the "catch" action of the leading driver or group. Usually, after the leader is recovered, he is combined with the main group to become a big group again.


    Attack Attack

    The runaway driver caught the eye.

    When the driver accelerates to leave the main group, it is called attack, also known as breakthrough, escape. Usually, the goal is to get the attention of the whole audience, expose the sponsors, and eventually win a single-stop victory or a tie-in shirt.


    Collective Sprint Bunch Sprint

    The final climax of the game

    Usually in front of the finish line, all the riders rush to the line together.


    Sprint Integral Bonus Point

    Each single station will set up several points to rush and grab points on the way, and the first three drivers who arrive at the points will get points from high to low.


    Trample frequency Cadence

    Also known as rpm, is the speed at which a rider completes the rotation of his foot every minute. The higher the rotation speed, the better the trampling efficiency.



    In a competition, the most outstanding performers in attack, pursuit and breakthrough drivers, etc., award points are allocated to the extent of attack.


    Unfinished match DNF

    Did Not Finish, the driver because of injury and other reasons, but failed to complete the race in time, the results are not included in the total ranking.




    No match DNS

    Did Not Start, the driver is on the departure list but not in the race.


    Cancellation of Competition Rights DSQ

    Disqualified, the driver was cancelled because he did not follow the rules or did not change the rules.


    Windscreen Draft

    Especially in flat road races, the rider's challenge - wind resistance, will make riding more difficult.

    So there will be riders riding in the rear of other people or cars to reduce wind resistance and maintain physical strength.


    Supply area Feed Zone


    Also known as Feeding Zone, Free Zone.

    Set up an area for the team to provide the driver's food supply bags during the race. Usually, drivers do not attack in this area.


    Time difference Gap

    The time difference between drivers or groups during a race.


    Grand tournament Grand Tour

    The three Grand Tours are the highest Hall of road racing (pictured on the Tour de France podium)

    The top three and most influential tournaments in the world are held in bicycle powers; the first is the Giro d'Italia in spring, the Tour de France in summer, and the last is the Vuelta Espana.


    General Classification (GC)

    The final result of a race, the driver with the lowest cumulative time, ranks first in the total, and is the highest honor of the race - the champion. Other total ranking awards include the standing awards of King of Climbing, King of Sprint and Best Rookie.

    The last driver, though not named, has a name: the Lanterne Rouge stands for the last driver.


    Hill Climb Classification

    The difficulty and series are 4, 3, 2, 1 and top (HC) from low to high, and the higher the series is, the longer the climbing length and the steeper the gradient is.




    Left behind Off the Back

    The drivers can't keep up with the speed of the main group.


    Main Group Peloton/Pack

    The main group marched.

    The most concentrated group of drivers in a race usually consists of at least 20 people. A long team can be formed when the main group advances at a high speed.




    Carbon bike Wheel Paceline

    In order to keep out the wind, drivers take turns to connect with their predecessors, retreat, and follow the car when they are traveling at high speed.


    Prelude competition Prologue

    Usually in order to decide the first stop of a race, the first race is to take place in the way of personal timing; the distance of the race is about 8 kilometers.


    Pull speed Pull

    Control the group's speed in front of the group.


    Bacon Bacon

    Many riders will inevitably fall when they travel and compete at high speed. The pink scar on the rider's body is the mark of "battle merit". It is called "Bacon" in foreign countries.


    Speed control Blocking

    The driver or team controls the speed of the team in front of the group, usually in order to protect the members of the team who are in the lead group in the front of the team. In March this year's Tour, teams often said that they were blocked by Australia's Drapac Cycling. That's what happened.


    Blow up Bonk

    In high-intensity, long-distance carbon bicycle races, the sudden feeling of powerlessness and overdraft is called "explosion".




    Siege Boxed in


    Drivers, especially those who have the advantage of winning license plates, may face the siege of their opponents, unable to break through the cards or launch attacks.


    Referee Commissaire

    In regular carbon bicycle racing, there is a referee in the congress. The official who records important events such as race conditions and irregularities usually sits in an exclusive referee car and follows the race. In addition to making decisions, the official also needs to be responsible for ensuring the fair conduct of the event and confirming the correct signature on the official results. Usually there will be a vice referee to assist in the performance of the task.


    Top-level Hors Cate gorie (HC)

    In highway carbon bike races, there are different grades of 1 (the most difficult), 2, 3, 4 (the simplest) series, which are generally classified by steepness and distance. If a climbing point climbs beyond category 1 or above, it is the top level of HC. For example, there are such climbing points in the contest around Lankawi; Taiwan's famous


    Novice Neo-pro

    Cyclist  in their first year of career.


    Endurance runner Rouleur

    On flat or bumpy roads, such as Paris-Roubaix or Tour of Flanders, riders with special skills are called endurance riders. The most representative players are Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara.


    Logistics personnel Soigneur

    Please come and read the French word Swar after us once.

    This French literally means "caregiver" and represents an indispensable team worker in the bicycle industry. It's not easy to find a proper word to address them, because the work of soigneurs can be countless - massage, supplies preparation, driving team cars, in addition to maintenance and washing car and guiding team strategy, the size of the game is the responsibility of the powerful soigneurs.


    Borrow Sticky bottle

    At times outside the race supply area, players may stop for a short time to save energy when they receive supplies from team members. Usually this is allowed, but if the driver follows the team car for more than two seconds or too long, the referee may make a foul.


    Zigzag detour switch back

    Also known as "hairpin bend", refers to winding up or down hill bends.




    Captain Team Captain

    In a carbon bike team, there will be drivers who are responsible for commanding tactics and communicating instructions, usually those who are more experienced and capable, and the captain may also be the main general (Team leader).


    Time Bonus

    Given to the riders who rank highest at the intermediate sprint or at the end of the race, they get "minus seconds" and give the sprint points winner the chance to accumulate points and wear a yellow shirt.


    Closing point Time Cut

    In single carbon bicycle race, there is a closing point. The purpose is to allow all drivers to finish within a certain time (percentage) after the champion's crossing, otherwise they will be disqualified by DSQ.

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